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Watch your front door from anywhere in the world

See, Hear and Speak to Visitors at Your front Door

The Perfect Home Security and Surveillance System
That allows You to Go to Your front Door from Anywhere.

Easy installation, no wiring needed

Motion Detector and Cell Phone Notifications

2-Way audio for listening and speaking

HD video quality with night vision

Why a video doorbell?

A must for all homeowners

Never miss visitors again

Contactless parcel delivery

Property security and surveillance

Recording and gathering of evidence

GateKeeper Video Doorbell

Monitor and Protect your Home and
See Visitors from Anywhere

Visitors at Your front Door

Lets your visitor talk to you at the door while giving you a full view, day or night.

Guard and Talk from Anywhere

The camera and the 2-way intercom system allow you to talk to the visitor in real time from your mobile phone.

Excellent properties

HD videos

1080p quality

operating Conditions

weather resistant

motion detection

Geofencing Alerts

night vision

Geofencing Alerts


1080p quality


weather resistant

App Compatibility

Geofencing Alerts


Mountable bracket

Make the right choice

The GateKeeper video doorbell vs. its competition

There are a variety of video doorbells on the market, but the GateKeeper video doorbell combines the latest technology, ease of installation and use, with a competitive price. This makes the GateKeeper Video Doorbell the last one you’ll ever need!

customer reviews

Read what our customers say

It was very easy to download the app and the video quality is outstanding! I can see and hear everything clearly and I love the fact that I can answer the door from the kitchen! Great product, I sent one to my mother too! Thanks!
A few weeks ago, a package was stolen from our stem. Since I installed the GateKeeper Video Doorbell, I've been able to watch parcel deliveries from the office. If anyone tries to steal a package again, I've got video evidence! I feel much safer when I leave my house
I can't believe how long I've lived without a video doorbell! Best purchase I've ever made for our home! The installation was very easy. I also attached the doorbell speakers so I can hear the doorbell even if I don't have my phone with me!

Technical data and properties

The last doorbell you will ever need

The GateKeeper Video Doorbell ticks all the boxes to make it the perfect guarding, security and control system and lets you answer your front door from anywhere in the world!

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